PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL WITH LAUREN CHEN, stories not covered anywhere else

Lauren Elise Donovan, better known as Lauren Chen, AKA the Roaming Millennial, a voice echoing the values of Christian Conservatism and insightful commentary. Lauren has become a formidable presence in the realm of political discourse. Hailing from Canada, Lauren’s journey began with animated discussions on cultural and political dynamics, gradually transitioning into impactful interviews with prominent figures like Jordan Peterson and Senator Marsha Blackburn. Her candid conversations and informed viewpoints have since expanded beyond YouTube, culminating in her show, “Pseudo-Intellectual with Lauren Chen” on BlazeTV.

Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator, and host of the CRTV show Roaming Millennial: Uncensored. She began as a YouTuber, and has since gained over 20 million views on the platform and hundreds of thousands of followers. She has also appeared on Fox News, The Daily Wire, Rebel Media, PragerU, and The Rubin Report. Lauren was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for college. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

Beyond the camera, Lauren’s versatility is evident as she contributes to Evie Magazine, amplifying her reach and impact. In a digital era often saturated with fleeting trends, Lauren consistently stands out, delivering thought-provoking content and hosting the podcast “No Malarkey with Marie Oakes”. Her commitment to genuine dialogue and authentic representation of her beliefs has garnered her widespread respect and a dedicated audience eagerly awaiting her insights.

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