Unwavering commitment to truth and intellectual rigor, encouraging individuals to engage in meaningful self-reflection, challenging people to take responsibility for their lives and pursue personal growth.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is an author, psychologist, online educator, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto. The Jordan B Peterson podcast frequently tops the charts in the Education category. He has written three books, Maps of Meaning, an academic work, presenting a new scientifically-grounded theory of religious and political belief, and the bestselling 12 Rules for Life, and Beyond Order, which have sold more than seven million copies. With his wife, Tammy, Dr. Peterson’s international lecture tour has sold out more than 400 venues, providing live insight into the structure of mythology and narrative to hundreds of thousands of people. For twenty years, he taught some of the most highly regarded courses at Harvard and the University of Toronto, while publishing more than a hundred well-cited scientific papers with his students and co-authors. Dr. Peterson’s online programs,  selfauthoring.com and understandmyself.com have helped tens of thousands of people inquire deeply into the structure of their personalities, develop a vision for their future, and sort out the details of their pasts. He maintained an active clinical and consulting practice during this period, helping individuals across the full spectrum of ability and temperament deal with the complexities of their lives and situations. In conjunction with the Daily Wire Plus, Dr. Peterson recently led and released a 17-part seminar on the biblical book of Exodus, as the continuation of his critically and publicly acclaimed lectures on Genesis.

As a powerful advocate for individual liberty and free speech, Jordan Peterson embodies resilience and courage, fearlessly confronting societal challenges and advocating for the importance of open dialogue and diverse perspectives. His messages resonate deeply, instilling a sense of hope and empowering individuals to confront adversity, overcome obstacles, and embrace their unique purpose. Peterson’s profound impact extends far beyond his academic work, serving as an inspiration for those seeking to find meaning in life, cultivate resilience, and make a positive impact in the world.

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