A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

Gavin Nascimento is a dedicated advocate for personal growth and societal awareness, working tirelessly to empower individuals through knowledge and insight. His writings and speeches challenge common narratives and inspire people to question their beliefs, fostering a culture of critical thinking and personal growth. Nascimento’s unwavering commitment to truth-seeking and empowering individuals is not only commendable but also serves as a source of inspiration for many.

Gavin’s Mission

Throughout known history, particularly more modern history, the overwhelming majority have unconsciously served what has generally been the untraceable dictates and desires of a small rapacious minority. This group of families and their associates are most easily recognized in terms of semantics as ‘the ruling class’. For the sake of context and detail however, it should undoubtedly be mentioned that just because someone is very wealthy, from a materialistic standpoint, it does not make them a part of this criminal ‘elite’ or their sinister agenda, and it most certainly does not make them a ‘bad’ person either.

With that said, through the use of diabolically clever schemes of manipulation and obsessive control [which you will learn about through this website] the ruling class have practically mastered the art of skullduggery and mental administration of the common mind. This has been accomplished through various forms of information control, such as mass media, mainstream religion, and major corporate and government controlled schooling. It is here, that we are conditioned to become ‘worker ants’ who lack the mental capacity and strength to rise against, or even perceive, our apathetic oppressors. This culminates in our unconscious propping up, and further reinforcement, of the very system that serves to keep us imprisoned and unhappy, while also debilitating the prospect of creating a better life individually or, on a larger scale, a better world collectively. Inversely, these useless parasites are taught through their predecessors to maintain and expand their empires of exploitation without regard for other life, which is where the bulk of the world’s suffering can actually be traced to. In other words, they are taught how to rule over the rest of us in the most efficient and personally beneficial manner possible, regardless of the moral implications that follow therein. This includes enjoying the fruits of our hard labor and, in turn, living a quality of life that is just as incomprehensible as it is unnecessary. While we, who do all the hard work, struggle just to get by. Now, despite popular opinion, this constant and perceivably unfair struggle, that the overwhelming majority of the world so painfully endures, is not ‘normal’ or just a part of life. It can easily be attributed [and will be explained in detail on this site] to the ruling classes ingenious methodology of control, primarily the lack of a certain ‘commodity’, one that actually holds no intrinsic merit whatsoever, but instead holds a collective, and undoubtedly delusional, imaginary value. Something that the world worships, kills for, dies for, obsesses over, deeply covets and is mentally enslaved to. Something that the ruling class just so happens to create out of nothing and uses to control almost everything — paper/digital ‘money’.

I am dedicated to breaking this cycle of madness, to helping your mind recover from the incessant psychological indoctrination that has been imposed on it since your youth and, instead, empower you to not only improve your life personally, but the world at large. You have greatness within you, something a little [possibly loud] voice, that has been conditioned into your subconscious, may deny or scoff at. But, you most certainly do, and I will help you to discover this by empowering you with the the unadulterated education and overall skillset needed to free you from what could justifiably be called the greatest crime against humanity in history.

It is important for the reader to understand however, that irrespective of my efforts, I cannot force anyone to learn or grow. As it has been said, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Likewise, I can show you the door that will lead to a better life, but you have to be the one to walk through it. I can provide you with the fundamental resources needed to help you achieve your goals, but you have to be the one to study them and put them into practice. You could consider this a type of school, but one that is actually intent on empowering you to enjoy life and do something positive with it.

It should also be mentioned that I too am constantly growing and learning, and this is because learning is a journey without an unequivocally foreseeable end. As a result, I will be accompanying you on this magnificent voyage. At first, I will lead the way. But, in time, you will lead your own way. At first, I will help you to discover your inner voice and purpose that lay deep within. But then, like a bird born caged and mentally starved from the knowledge and beauty of its natural ability for flight, I will help to simply liberate you from your confinement so that you can spread out your distinctive wings, fly freely without constraint and sing your beautiful song for all the world to hear.

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