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We the People expect peace, a good life, liberty, and a reasonable pursuit of happiness.

This is a Directory of Leaders and worthy Media that are being the change needed and making the moves humanity needs to thrive. No human on this directory is perfect, not even close, but these people we believe rate high for bravery, intelligence, honesty, and resistance to the NWO agenda.. We are currently in a global war for humanity against a NWO, which has an ongoing mission to dehumanize and enslave us for their control and profits.

Replace your usual MSM(MainStream Media) programming with the content from these Leaders. At the bottom of each Leader’s page, rate them with 2-5 stars , based on their knowledge, honesty, and accuracy. Not every person you will agree with, and the ability to see the big picture and change your mind depends on your maturity and goals. We assure you that every person on this Leader’s Directory did more than enough to earn a spot and we’re grateful to have you here. The objective is to explore the content of these Leaders, follow their social media, watch their videos, read their writings, and support them; because knowledge plus action is power. There are trillions of money that back lies for ruling class, but Truthers looking out for us, sell clothing, books, merch, knowledge, entertainment, and ask for Value 4 Value donations, so if you get value from these heroes, please support them financially.

If We save America, then We save the World. Thank you for caring and sharing.

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Do you know someone that should be on this directory? Submit their information here for review. Submit yourself if you think you are dedicating your life to the good fight. We hope you are on the right path, but it takes a person who is unplugging from the matrix and plugging in to humanity, logic and truth.

Lend your attention to the Leaders in this Directory. We the People need each other now more than ever. Support, Subscribe, Shop Merch, Podcast, Read, Watch, Activate. Godspeed.

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