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Adam Curry, hailed as the ‘Podfather‘ (Yes Adam was the first Podcaster), he is a luminary in the world of podcasting and new media. Known for co-developing the Podcast, RSS feed and aggregator, Curry’s trailblazing work laid the groundwork for the explosion of podcasting as a popular form of media. His podcast, “No Agenda,” co-hosted with John C. Dvorak, is celebrated for its insightful and independent analysis of news and current events. It should be no suprise that the creator of podcasting runs with best podcast in the Universe: “No Agenda

Curry’s innovation and unwavering commitment to providing an unbiased media platforms through better podcasting and better social media platforms like Mastodon, is both impressive, absolutely needed, and inspiring. His success underscores the power of innovation and creativity in transforming traditional media landscapes. As he continues to push the boundaries in new media, Adam Curry stands as an inspiring beacon for aspiring podcasters, activists, truthers, and media innovators alike.

Make Sure to check out NO AGENDA podcast on your podcast app. It’s our personal favorite and referred to as “The Best Podcast in the Universe” noagendashow.net/podcast#archive

The No Agenda community is global and has a local meetup coming near you! No Agenda Meetup Schedule

Adam has also started a value for value music channel, and it has made us a fan of music again! You don’t want to miss this. Listen to his magical DJ skills on: Boostagramball


Podcast the right way on Podcasting 2.0

A full podcast episode of Music: Covid Medley (not a typical No Agenda podcast)

Website: noagendashow.net

Support: dvorak.org/na

Podcast Platforms podcastindex.org/apps

NA Podcast: noagendashow.net/podcast

Twitter: twitter.com/adamcurry

Instagram: instagram.com/adamc1999

TikTok: tiktok.com/@no_agenda

Mastodon: noauthority.social/@adam@podcastindex.social

Get a taste of the Podcast: player.fm/series/no-agenda

A conceptual representation of John C. Dvorak's influential journey in technology journalism, underscoring his dedication to critical examination of tech trends and contribution to new media.
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