North Korean Defector – Anti-Woke – Truther – Author of Bestselling Books – Speaker – Whistle Blower.

A beacon of resilience and courage, Yeonmi Park emerged from the shadows of North Korea’s oppressive regime to shine a revealing light on the harrowing experiences of N. Korea’s enslaved people. With an arduous escape journey from her homeland behind her, Yeonmi took the world by storm at forums like the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum and One Young World Summit. Her compelling testimonies, especially her discourse on North Korea’s shocking human rights atrocities, captured global attention from millions. Such dedication has made her a symbol of hope for oppressed individuals worldwide, as underscored by her role as a director at the Human Rights Foundation.

Aside from captivating speeches, Yeonmi has passionately championed gender equality, joining initiatives like the Tory Burch Foundation’s Embrace Ambition campaign. Her memoir, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” further amplifies her message, imploring the world to acknowledge the stark reality of life under Kim Jong-Un’s rule. As a student at Columbia University, her advocacy doesn’t waver. Yeonmi fervently believes in the power of the youth, whose increasing access to global media and capitalist ideas challenges autocratic regimes. Her insightful writings and appearances across prestigious platforms underscore her unwavering commitment to human rights.

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