Radio hall-of-famer, digital disruptor, chalkboard enthusiast, fine art artist, against ESG before it was cool.

Glenn Beck is a leading American media personality, political commentator, author, and co-founder of Blaze Media, a multiplatform news and entertainment network available on television, radio, and the internet.

Glenn’s wit, candor, and commanding on-air presence have earned him the loyal support of a large, enthusiastic audience, as well as top ratings on network television and talk radio. He is a leading voice for conservatism and is a staunch defender of the Constitution, individual liberties, and free markets.

Glenn Beck, with his decades-long career in broadcasting, has proven to be a profound influence on conservative thought in America. His distinctive blend of news, storytelling, and insightful commentary has not only brought important societal issues to the fore but also spurred countless individuals to engage more deeply with these issues. Beck’s commitment to upholding conservative ideals, while simultaneously inviting robust debate, has cemented his place as a pivotal figure in American media.

In addition to his on-air contributions, Beck’s dedication to fostering civic responsibility is equally noteworthy. He champions the notion that every individual has an essential role to play in societal progress, and he encourages his audience to participate actively in shaping the future of their communities. Beck’s enduring influence continues to motivate countless individuals, cultivating a broader appreciation for conservative values, thoughtful dialogue, and civic duty.

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