An Inspiring Advocate for Online Transparency and Free Speech

Ryan Hartwig is most known for showing the world how facebook censors for Democrats and works with the government. He has emerged as an influential figure in the push for online transparency and freedom of speech. His whistleblowing endeavors of far-leftist-ran-facebook has brought critical issues to light, raising public awareness about the pressing need for transparency and fairness in the digital world. Hartwig’s courageous actions and unwavering dedication to truth and fairness serve as a beacon of inspiration for those advocating for a more accountable and equitable online sphere.

Ryan graduated in 2015 with a bachelors degree in Spanish Linguistics from Arizona State University, where he also participated
in psychology research as a research assistant for the P.E.A.R.L. Lab-Perception, Ecological Action, Robotics and Learning. As founder of The Hartwig Foundation for Free Speech, he hopes to keep the internet free from undue censorship. Ryan speaks fluent Spanish and some Portuguese. He lives in the Phoenix Metro Area, Arizona. A few of Ryan’s hobbies include science fiction, languages, and video games.

Ryan was a former Content Moderator for Facebook. Filmed with a hidden camera for 9 months at Facebook & worked with brave undercover journalists. Ryan’s old twitter account is still banned and his Instagram and facebook pages were deleted….


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Image of Ryan Hartwig, embodying the spirit of advocacy for online transparency, free speech, and internet accountability.