A Trailblazer in Independent Journalism and Social Activism

Luke Rudkowski stands at the forefront of independent journalism, his tireless dedication to unearthing the truth and challenging mainstream narratives inspiring many. As the founder of We Are Change, Rudkowski’s investigative reports provide a refreshing, alternative perspective on crucial global issues. His commitment to authenticity and objectivity in news reporting showcases the power of independent media and the importance of diverse perspectives in public discourse.

We Are Change is comprised of independent journalists, concerned citizens, activists, and anyone who wants to shape the direction our world is going in. They seek to expose the lies of governments and the corporate elite who constantly trash our humanity.  By asking the hard questions the mainstream media refuses to ask, they shine a little more light on truth.  They seek to connect, educate, and motivate those who are interested in alerting the public to the pertinent issues that are affecting our lives each and every day.  Their goal is to create a community of truth-seekers and peacemakers who share a commitment to nonviolent action.

Rudkowski is also a remarkable social activist, with a long history of real street journalism. His conviction that informed citizens can drive societal change is infectious. Through his reporting and activism, he inspires his audience to question, to learn, and to act, championing the belief that each individual has a role to play in shaping the future. Luke Rudkowski continues to be a beacon of motivation, demonstrating that through critical thought and active participation, positive societal transformation is possible.

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