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Jason Bassler, the co founding driving force behind The Free Thought Project, and founder of Police the Police. A leader, critical thinker, and activist, Jason embodies the catalytic power of ideas and the incredible transformation they can spark. His platform challenges the conventional, gives voice to the unheard narratives, and compels individuals to question widely accepted norms.

Jason Bassler is a believer that the human spirit is empowered by the relentless tenacity for the capacity to improve ones condition. This coupled with voluntary exchange has lead technology & innovation to higher standards of living that has drastically improved quality of life and prolonged the human life span. He recognizes himself to be a voluntaryist/free market anarchist and am strictly opposed to all institutionalized violence, coercion and aggression. He is an activist that keeps a close eye on police misconduct/brutality, has a fascination with politics, psychology, philosophy and absorbs information whenever there is a moment of downtime.

Jason Bassler’s work transcends beyond just the spread of information—it’s a crusade against intellectual stagnation and a call to arms for meaningful societal change. His efforts illuminate the pathway to free thought and active participation in creating a better world. Jason’s journey offers an inspiring blueprint for the power of persistence and passion in shaping our reality. Let Jason Bassler guide you towards the path of enlightened discourse and transformative action.

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Portrait of Jason Bassler, an icon of progressive thinking and advocacy for change.
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