An inspiration in the field of journalism, reminding us that with passion, courage, and resilience, change is possible.

Drew Hernandez is a dynamic figure in the sphere of political commentary, renowned for his street journalism, real reporting that shines a light on issues censored by the mainstream media. Drew Hernandez is known for his extensive and viral undercover work exposing Antifa and Black Lives Matter violent riots in 2020 that reached multiple countries worldwide and his worldwide news story covering the Kenosha Riot. He is known world wide for testifying in the 2021 trial of Kyle Rittenhouse that many argue, played a major role in vindicating Kyle Rittenhouse.

He has made multiple appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight, TIMCAST IRL w/ Joe Rogan, INFOWARS, and MORE. Drew’s work has been viewed 10’s of millions of times on Twitter and across all social media platforms. He hosts multiple shows as well.

You can catch him LIVE on his own nightly RUMBLE show, Drew Hernandez Live, a high-energy experience that seeks to engage the culture, Fake News MSM narratives and New World Order with raw truth.

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