Advocate against emotional blackmail by Trans movement and Democrats. old Twitter deleted for saying there are only two sexes, Advisor for Independent Women’s Voice!

Rylie Gaines is a brave women’s rights activist. SHE is what an actual feminist should stand for, women! Yet Democrats, Marxists, and the NWO wants to divide people through a new government science that pretends biological. Gender can now mean what ever you feel like.

Riley has pointed out that the Emperor’s new clothes is a 6’4 inch male with a cock and balls, standing naked in the women’s locker room pretending he’s a girl, and also smashing the women’s sport’s records. Fighting against violent Democrats that think men can now have babies, Riley has started The Riley Gaines’ Center.

The Riley Gaines Center creates courageous leaders to protect women in America.

The left has used all its power to destroy the distinctions between women and men — eliminating opportunities for women, and silencing those who dare to speak the truth.

The Riley Gaines Center identifies and recruits those targeted by the left.  The Center trains them to fearlessly, relentlessly, and eloquently defend America’s founding principles and to become powerhouse leaders who work in positions of influence to keep America true to those principles.

The Riley Gaines Center is the exclusive home of Riley’s work to lead this crucial cause through:

  • Riley Gaines’ speaking events and media appearances, to rally everyday Americans to defend women’s sports and uphold vital truths.
  • A coalition of women, student athletes, and those who have been harmed by zealots of transgender ideology, to join Riley in speaking out across the country.
  • A fast-growing team of grassroots organizers, who will help turn those ready to defend freedom into champions who put their principles into action.

As they put their training into action, the leaders developed by the Riley Gaines Center will impact our culture and society — our American way of life — for decades to come.

Not only will they protect the female identity and defend truth, but they will uphold the principles that make America prosperous and free.

Over the last year, I’ve been honored to fight with everything I have to save women’s sports. 
Now, through the Riley Gaines Center, you and I have the opportunity to build a movement to stand up for women’s sports and common-sense American values.
I now have one month to launch the new Riley Gaines Center before my fall campus tour begins.
Will you join me today and stand for truth?

Riley Gaines

When they want you silent – Speak Louder







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