Free Julian Assange! The world’s greatest Hacktivist is being slowly killed for publishing truthful information in the public interest.

Julian Assange is a renowned journalist and the founder of WikiLeaks, an organization that has significantly influenced discussions about information transparency and government accountability worldwide. Known for his audacity and commitment to revealing hidden truths, Assange has published numerous classified documents that have fueled important conversations and actions about power, corruption, and accountability. His determination to shed light on concealed information makes him an inspirational figure, demonstrating the impact of courageous individual action in the face of adversity.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has married his long-term partner at a high-security prison in London. Mr Assange, 50, married Stella Moris on Wednesday in Belmarsh prison, where he has been held since 2019. The couple were granted permission to marry last year, and the ceremony was attended by four guests as well as two official witnesses and two guards. The couple began a relationship in 2015 and have two children together. Mr. Assange is in prison while USA authorities seek to extradite him to face trial on made-up ‘espionage charges’.

Despite the NWO government’s media spun controversies surrounding him and the legal challenges he has faced, Assange remains committed to his cause. His belief in the power of information to create a more just and accountable world is unyielding. Through WikiLeaks, Assange has sparked a global discourse on the balance between state secrecy and the public’s right to know, inspiring a new generation to fight for transparency, justice, and freedom of information.

Assange is being slow tortured in a London jail right now, since 2109. Assange is a political prisoner and warning to all activists of what might happen if you show the public big enough secrets about what the NWO war machine government is up to in Private. We pray for the quick release and safe return of our friend, and hero, Julian Assange.

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