Men Who Stare at Goats, The Secret Rulers of the World, Okja, The Psychopath Test, The Butterfly Effect, So you’ve been Publicly Shamed

You may be wondering why Jon has made our list. he’s a bit slippery and he misses a lot, but we still created a profile because he has covered topics that are unique and he has some reasonable takes. Jon is a Leftist that plays the middle to get in more doors. He’s a heavy philosophical type that also talks about his own mental breakdowns. Take his opinion with a grain of salt.

Jon Ronson is a British-American journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker known for his distinctive style of investigative journalism that blends humor, empathy, and incisive analysis. Born on May 10, 1967, in Cardiff, Wales, Ronson began his career as a writer, eventually becoming a prominent figure in contemporary journalism. His work has spanned a wide range of topics, often delving into the quirky and the unexplored corners of human behavior.

Ronson’s notable book “The Men Who Stare at Goats,” published in 2004, which explored the U.S. military’s exploration of paranormal phenomena and psychic espionage. The book was later adapted into a feature film starring George Clooney. Ronson’s writing style is characterized by his ability to delve into subcultures and fringe communities, always with a keen eye for the absurd and the profound. He’s also written: “So you’ve been Publicly Shamed

In addition to his writing, Jon Ronson has made a significant impact in the realm of documentary filmmaking. He has created several thought-provoking documentaries, including “The Secret Rulers of the World” (2001), “Jon Ronson Versus” (2011), and “The Butterfly Effect” (2018), which explores the consequences of free online pornography. Through his journalistic work and documentaries, Jon Ronson continues to shed light on unconventional and thought-provoking topics while engaging his audience with humor and humanity, making him a distinctive and influential figure in contemporary journalism.


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Jon Ronson is a British-American journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker