We are in a time of transition and change. Joe shares concepts and ideas that embody what is often experienced when shifting one’s worldview.

Joe Martino stands as an inspiring figure in the sphere of conscious media. As the founder of Collective Evolution and The Pulse, he has been instrumental in creating a platform that sparks dialogues aimed at societal and personal transformation. Martino’s dedication to unveiling hidden truths and promoting critical thinking illuminates his role as a pioneering force in the realm of conscious media.

Joe Martino is a visionary who, through his experience in his own personal journey, developed a protocol to help shift consciousness within himself and others. These shifts are designed to lead humanity towards a world where we can truly thrive and move past our scarcity based systems. In 2009 he founded Collective Evolution, a media and education company helping to shift the consciousness of culture. In 2019 he founded CETV, an on-demand media platform designed to provide in-depth information, community and personal transformation in one place .Joe Martino has never been one to let anything stand in his way. He’s a soul with an international scope and on a mission to promote peace, personal awakening and world change. While in the grand scheme of things, he was a typical child — an innovative young man with a profound passion for the sport of baseball — on the inside, he struggled with the surfacing complexities of a life that didn’t feel quite right, and a world that he couldn’t quite resonate within. Joe wanted change; and he wanted to play a role in it. After shuffling between multiple college programs, Joe decided to boycott the status quo and bid adieu to the societal confines of a formal education.

After leaving formal education, Joe began a personal journey of both exploring and understanding his own consciousness. On this path of self-discovery, Collective Evolution (CE) was born — an online community for people who want to change the world; for people who are looking for something beyond everyday life. By following their mission, Joe and his Collective Evolution team created a website that challenges people to think differently about the world and provides them with necessary tools to create and promote peace in the lives of others. “I realized I didn’t have to live like everyone else wanted me to, and so, I finally started doing what I love.” Since Collective Evolution’s humble basement beginnings in 2009, Joe and his team have turned their website into a global platform that inspires and educates millions of people every month. On top of that, Joe has written and directed 4 informative and thought provoking documentaries that have been appreciated worldwide. Despite his success, Joe remains grounded in his beliefs and true to his calling. Continuing to work hard for what he truly loves, his goals remain the same — to inspire others and help changing the world.

Recently Joe has also created The Pulse. The Pulse introduces you to bold ideas & investigative journalism on current events, science, consciousness, solutions & more – inviting viewers to inquire how our current paradigms shape our society. We feel that it isn’t through our existing political or market economic structures that we will create meaningful change – there is enough evidence to support this idea. We feel we must challenge ourselves out of dualistic and dominant thinking and into a wholistic understanding of the challenges we face. Improved conversation, sensemaking, embodiment and a re-ignition of curiosity will be driving factors that more us forward. It’s in these areas we also focus our work.

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