John C. Dvorak is one of our favorite podcasters, do NOT sleep on the No Agenda Podcast. John is also a celebrated figure in the realm of technology journalism and new media, brings decades of experience and insights to his engaged audience. Best known for his in-depth commentary and critical examination of tech trends, Dvorak’s contributions have had an immense impact on how we understand and navigate the fast-paced world of technology.

If you’re a boomer in the tech world, you may know John C. Dvorak from his columns in PC Magazine and Dow Jones Marketwatch. And you know that everybody’s favorite crank always gives it to you straight up and unfiltered. A national gold award winner for best online column from the American Business Editors Association two years in a row, and a featured guest analyst on CNBC, he is one of the most respected business tech columnists, editors and authors in the trade.

Dvorak’s groundbreaking work, particularly his co-hosting role on the “No Agenda” podcast with Adam Curry, illuminates his dedication to providing discerning and balanced analysis of current events. His work inspires media professionals and tech enthusiasts alike, encouraging critical thinking and fostering a more nuanced understanding of the digital world. John C. Dvorak stands as a stalwart symbol of technological insight, media innovation, and the power of independent journalism.

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