Retired U.S. Army Colonel and Government Official,

Author, Consultant, and Television Commentator

Douglas Macgregor stands as a paragon of military insight and strategic expertise, forged through decades of dedicated service in the U.S. Army. His experiences, from the sands of the Gulf War to the intricacies of defense policy discussions, provide him with a unique lens through which he views the world of military and defense. With a pen as sharp as his strategic acumen, Macgregor has authored impactful books on military transformation and political transparency.

Douglas Macgregor is a decorated combat veteran, the author of five books, a PhD, and a defense and foreign policy consultant. He was commissioned in the Regular Army in 1976 after 1 year at VMI and 4 years at West Point. In 2004, Macgregor retired with the rank of Colonel. In 2020, the President appointed Macgregor to serve as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, a post he held until President Trump left office. He holds an MA in comparative politics and a PhD in international relations from the University of Virginia. Macgregor is widely known inside the U.S., Europe, Israel, Russia, China and Korea for both his leadership in the Battle of 73 Easting, the U.S. Army’s largest tank battle since World War II.

In 28 years of service Macgregor taught in the Department of Social Sciences at West Point, commanded the 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, and served as the Director of the Joint Operations Center at SHAPE during the 1999 Kosovo Air Campaign for which he was awarded the Defense Superior Service medal. In January 2002, at Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s insistence the USCENTCOM Commander listened to Colonel Macgregor’s concept for the offensive to seize Baghdad. The plan was largely adopted, but assumed no occupation of Iraq by U.S. Forces. Macgregor has also testified as an expert witness before the Senate and House Armed Services Committees and appeared as a defense analyst on Fox News, CNN, BBC, Sky News and public radio. He is fluent in German.

In the realm of politics and policy, Macgregor has consistently championed non-interventionist views, emphasizing the importance of a restrained U.S. foreign policy. His stance on tighter immigration and bolstered border security, as well as his critical perspective on NATO, has ignited essential dialogues about the nation’s role in global affairs. Some may not always agree with him, but few can deny the passion and dedication he brings to every discussion. As a beacon of change and a fervent advocate for an adaptive and efficient military system, Douglas Macgregor continues to inspire many, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of U.S. defense and foreign policy.

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