Kurt Jantz, professionally known as Forgiato Blow, is an American rapper, known for his support for former President Donald Trump and the ideology formed around his presidency. Jantz is a self-proclaimed pioneer of the Trumpist hip hop genre of “MAGA rap”

A grandson of Auto-Trader magazine founder Stuart Arnold, Jantz was born and raised in South Florida and attended Admiral Farragut Academy. He released his first album in 2013, with subsequent releases attracting little attention. Jantz pivoted to making political rap in support of Donald Trump in 2016, quickly gaining a following among Trump supporters. Since then, he has performed in support of a variety of conservative figures, including Roger Stone, Matt Gaetz, and members of the Proud Boys.  His music often concerns culture war topics, for instance, a song accusing Target of grooming children with pride merchandise reached #1 on iTunes.


Forgiato Blow Music: song.link/i/1692810357

Youtube: youtube.com/@mayorofmagaville

TWITTER: twitter.com/ForgiatoBlow47