Award winning journalist, TV broadcaster and radio host with more than 30 years of experience

In the vast tapestry of American radio, Steve Gruber emerges as a resonant voice representing the heartland’s conservative pulse. Through the airwaves of the “Steve Gruber Show,” he offers listeners a blend of current events, insightful interviews, and impassioned commentary rooted deeply in his beliefs. Gruber’s commitment to the principles he holds dear, be it unwavering support for the Second Amendment, championing reduced regulations for a flourishing economy, or his general support for policies during the Trump era, showcases his genuine dedication to the values he believes make America great.

Steve’s early career found him in several newsrooms including WILX, Lansing where he honed his investigative journalism and interviewing skills. He became the main news anchor of the station and before long was offered a job with NBC in Columbus, Ohio. While working for NBC, he covered the incredible launch of John Glenn, age 77, into space at Cape Canaveral, White Supremacists in Ohio and the deadly game of selling prescription medication online. Steve was nominated for an Emmy in 2000.Steve left NBC in 2000 to build his own television production company, Wolf Creek. For more than 20 years, Steve hosted and produced high action outdoor adventure programs like Outdoor America and Wardens for the Outdoor Channel, reaching more than 50 million homes. Steve has traveled to 17 countries. His experiences while visiting and speaking to people all over the world has provided a prospective and breath of knowledge not common among coastal elite commentators. In December of 2017, Steve and his wife Ivey purchased the Michigan Talk Network and has started the process of taking his voice to more locations around the state and has built a great team of newscasters for Great Lakes News, a Michigan news service provided to 34 affiliates around the state. Steve is now most seen on Real America’s Voice.

Steve Gruber is an award winning journalist, TV broadcaster and radio host with more than 30 years of experience. He founded and built one of America’s premier TV production companies and now hosts the #1 syndicated radio program in Michigan, The Steve Gruber Show! Join the program for the best in common sense radio. 
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