We are Totally Patriotic even if that requires being Slightly Offensive. Plain and simple if you don’t Stand for the RIGHT things, you will be LEFT to fall for everything.

Elijah Schaffer is a courageous journalist and podcaster renowned for his commitment to bringing forward unvarnished truths from the epicenter of events. As the host of the podcast “Slightly Offensive,” Schaffer has carved out a distinct niche in the media landscape, fearlessly reporting from the heart of often contentious, highly-charged events. His dedication to deliver news from a balanced and unbiased perspective, even in the face of potential dangers, underscores the tenets of courageous journalism and sets a high standard for budding reporters.

In a world that fights for the wrong things, we choose to defend what’s RIGHT. Elijah works tirelessly to provide top quality political & cultural coverage to shed light on the  that happens everyday in the USA. Elijah is Totally Patriotic even if that requires being Slightly Offensive.

Beyond his role as a journalist, Schaffer is a compelling speaker and a staunch advocate for freedom of speech. His ability to navigate difficult discussions and create an open platform for a diversity of opinions is admired by many. Elijah Schaffer’s work is a testament to the power of truth in journalism, reminding us of the importance of challenging narratives and fostering open discourse in our society.

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