There are many in Hollywood that are not Democrats, but they “fear cancel culture too much to speak up.”, not Rob.

Rob Schneider is a legendary actor, comedian, screenwriter, and director, widely acclaimed for his engaging performances and significant contributions to comedy. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Schneider’s tenacious spirit and natural comedic flair have propelled him to the top of the entertainment industry. His versatile talent has enabled him to craft an impressive and diverse career spanning over three decades, earning him a special place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. Rob has walked away from the Democrat party cult’s Hollywood arm. Rob says there’s a lot of people he’s friends with in Hollywood, they lean towards the right, but they’re just scared of it, because Hollywood really is like a mob of ideologues that will attack you. It’s really not necessarily based on anything but like this religious architecture in their thinking, If you put God, family and country first’ that’s somehow controversial. Rob’s recent stand up comedy and new films let’s Rob be more true to himself instead of falling in lock step with the far leftist requirements of being in Hollywood.

See What Happens” Is a weekly podcast from husband and wife, Rob Schneider and Patricia Maya. Along with the podcast regular, comedian Jamie Lissow and other guests including everyone from the duo’s Hollywood friends to their gardener, the Schneiders dissect show business, their contrasting parenting methods, jokes, good food, philosophy, and then some. Be sure to tune in each week to see what happens!

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Picture of Rob Schneider, an inspirational figure in comedy and film, lauded for his captivating performances and enduring influence in the entertainment industry.