Runaway slave from the Democrat plantation! Christian…Conservative…Patriot

Stephen Davis Christian, body building, conservative, TPUSA contributor, Tearing down liberal ideologies one video at a time!!!! Davis empowers individuals to tap into their inherent capabilities, dream big, and take bold action to walk away from a victim mentality. With his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering belief in human potential, he inspires others to break free from self-imposed limitations, embrace innovation, and create a future where anything is possible.

Stephen Davis is a conservative activist, TPUSA Contributor, and former host of the podcasts SMASH with MAGA Hulk and You Ain’t Black. Stephen is a bold conservative political thinker who rallies his base and stands on the front lines of both political and cultural issues. Once left-leaning, he is now a staunch conservative who fights for conservative movements and against the propagation of left-wing ideology. Stephen is front-and-center at conservative events, gatherings, and conventions where he regularly challenges the leftist narratives that domineer today’s culture.

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