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Savanah Hernandez started as a production assistant in 2018, she worked her way up to lead producer of a political radio show, the War Room with Owen Shroyer, and ultimately became an on the ground reporter/fill-in radio host.  After being sent to report on the 2019 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, She discovered my passion for field reporting and uncovering the truth of what was going on in the streets of America. Realizing there was an intense bias in our media and an immediate need for accurate reporting, Savanah began to cover events the media refused to truthfully report on. From the 2020 ANTIFA riots to Texas border coverage, her footage has garnered over 20 million views and has been seen on various news and radio stations such as Fox News, Newsmax and BlazeTV. Savanah Hernandez’s work has also caught the attention of President Trump. ​During the 2020 million MAGA march, her reporting was retweeted by the President and viewed over 8 million times. 

​Shortly after, Twitter swiftly deleted Savanah’s account, effectively silencing her reporting, and more importantly, deleting all of her footage of the violent riots that swept the nation. That’s why she started her website.  She is now working as an independent reporter that travels America to highlight the stories that the media refuses to cover. You can also find her on various podcasts, television and radio shows where she discuss her reporting, political and cultural takes and how we can save America.  She’s continued to make it her mission to bring light to the stories and voices that big tech and the media continue to silence.

We’re in a war for truth and our God-given freedoms.  So welcome to this unsafe space. Your thoughts will be challenged. Your mind will be opened and most importantly, you’ll understand the truth of what’s really going on in our country. ​

Savanah Hernandez

Rapid Fire with Savanah Hernandez” is a fast-paced podcast and show surrounding today‘s recent political, cultural, national and international news.

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