Independent analysis of today’s politics. Foreign Policy, Pandemic, Elections and More. Kim does not fall in line when the line leads to Bullshit.

Kim Iverson is a captivating figure who serves as a beacon of inspiration, challenging individuals to question conventional wisdom and embrace personal growth. As a thought leader, long time radio talk show host, podcaster, political commentator, relationship advisor and debater of culture and the news, Iverson fosters a comfortable climate of constructive conversations. Through her engaging presence and insightful analysis, she empowers individuals to expand their perspectives, think critically, and take actionable steps towards creating positive change.

Kim has along history of interest in policy and societal issues that drive her to create such quality content. She’s proposed legislation, worked closely with legislators and committees to help pass Bills. She’s served as a spokesperson to help raise money for sex trafficking victims. Kim’s mother is a Vietnamese refugee and her father is the son of a small town farmer. Iverson’s genuine passion for empowering others and her commitment to fostering a more enlightened society make her a trusted source of inspiration for those wanting to stay informed and seeking personal and societal transformation. There’s so much more about Kim you should know, start here with Kim’s BIO.

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