The Leading example for an on the streets freedom auditor.

Sean Paul Reyes. a Constitutional Activist who conducts 1st Amendment Audits on Long Island and the upper east coast. Sean strongly believes in exercising our First Amendment rights in a respectful manner. We are striving for real transparency and accountability from public officials. Law enforcement officers took a oath to our constitution, and the majority of them take it very seriously. Local officials, police, security, correctional officers, and many other forms of authority from all over the U.S. support my mission statement. The vast majority know and understand it’s vitally important to maintain a positive connection with the people of our communities. Sean also supports good law enforcement, and their service to this great country. That being said, the encounters with LE who don’t take their oath seriously, know this; Sean Reyes will hold you accountable for your actions. he am not alone. We will not allow our rights to be violated. We will follow up. We will strive to affect real change in todays society in an effective, legal, and professional manner.

  • We are Patriots!
  • We are free Men & Women!
  • We will not let our rights be taken from us!

All proceeds will help fund any legal expenses Sean incurs regarding unlawful arrests and violations of his/our rights! Sean recently hired a trial attorney for my Danbury CT case that cost $25,000, that’s not counting all his other attorney fees. The fight is not cheap but it is worth it! Your donations will also keep him on the road, traveling across this great country fighting for our rights, transparency and accountability from our government!

Federal Lawsuits are what help affect change! We truly believe in his mission and will never give up! Sean Reyes will fight with everything he can in a peaceful, educated, way; so we can affect real change!

Fellow Patriots, Sean would truly appreciate any of you out there willing to support his channel and this great cause!



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