Comedic Social Commentary from a Left Wing Populist POV. stick around if you like loud Screeching and bad Memes

Shoe0nHead, real name June Nicole Lapine (born: June 22, 1991) is an American Content Creator known for her vlog-style videos and discussions about social, political and gender issues. Shoe0nHead wrote, produced and edited, the short comedy news film “Fragile Feminity”, and in 2020, she wrote and produced the episode “How Bad Is: Star Wars Rise of Skywalker” of the talk-show “Armoured Media”. She has also appeared in a couple of TV shows, including “#Killstream” and “Armoured Media”. 

Shoe On Head aligns with liberalism but has also identified as left-libertarian but formally she is apolitical. Her opinions tend to be mostly center-left and critical of SJW culture. She supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 and prior, and recently supports Trump since all the dust has settled. Despite taking a hard stance against “social justice warriors”, she’s also good friends with feminists and social justice advocates in real-life. She has great commentary on culture and politics, always witty and often comedic.






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