Interstellar blends made in small batches with the strictest standards of purity and potency available and the results speak for themselves.

Gavin Robert McGowen is a figure of inspirational leadership and unyielding determination to improve lives. His journey, is marked by grit, resilience, tenacity, gratitude, and a strong drive for mind and body health excellence through science based super herbs and fasting. He serves as a powerful testament to what can be achieved through his Interstellar blends that provide energy, mental clarity, and mood elevation. McGowen has continually sought to push holistic health boundaries, effectively using plant-based, science based super herbs to transform lives into greater health and spiritual growth. His life story, filled with trials and triumphs, inspires so many people to persist in the face of adversity and strive for success against all odds.

Gavin McGowen has had a profound impact on those around him through Interstellar Blends, visionary leadership, inspiring life advice, and no BS politics. His ability to educate, wake up, motivate, and inspire; combined with his keen understanding of science based super herbs, has resulted in major success, a long list of raving reviews, and groundbreaking achievements. Gavin’s life mission illustrates the power of science and determination; inspiring others to overcome life threatening obstacles, pursue their passions, and achieve their full potential.

Work hard, don’t be a follower, don’t blame others, keep your word, bounce losers, love yourself, wake up and KICK ASS every day and you will GO FAR IN LIFE.

Gavin McGowen, Interstellar Blends


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Interstellar Blends are THE WAY! Take your health to levels out of this world, yet grounded in plant-based holistic medical herbs. There’s a reason these are the ONLY blends we recommend.

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Gavin, interstellar blends, health, energy, mental clarity, and mood elevation, science based super herbs and fasting, plant based, healthy life
  • TRINITY – stress depression anxiety
  • GLUCOSE BLOCKER – anti diabetic, blood sugar, anti aging, SGLT inhibitor, tinnitus
  • EKG – cardioprotective, heart
  • TITANIUM – strong bones, prevent osteoporosis
  • AUTONOMOUS – enhanced cognition, brain power, limitless, focus, clarity, adhd
  • NEBULA / SUPERNOVA– alpha warrior energy, anti fatigue, confidence, stamina
  • PEEL– Flavonoids, Inflammation, skin issues, oxidative stress, allergies
  • SPICE– Polyphenols, pain, antioxidant, arthritis
  • SEVEN SAGES– all in one (7 blends)
  • ALZ – anti Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, neuroprotective
  • ACB – anti cancer, anti aging, mTOR inhibitor
  • SENOLYTIC– zombie cell killer, removes / prevents senescent cells, reverse aging
  • ANTI ADIPOGENIC– prevents new fat from forming, obesogen blocker
  • PURGE – colon apocalypse, fat burner
  • THERMO– anti diabetic, glucose disposal agent, pre workout, fat burning
  • APIGENIN– blood pressure, neurogenesis, testosterone, liver, hair growth, lupus
  • VICTORIOUS– anti viral, covid
  • LUTEOLIN– memory, brain, anti cancer, thyroid issues, traumatic brain injury, hashimotos, autism
  • HELICO– heartburn, h pylori
  • PARASLAYER– parasites, stomach issues
  • SHILAJIT– electrolytes minerals; energy
  • PINE POLLEN – youth powder, testosterone
  • SUPER TONIC HAIR – hair growth / grey prevention
  • AUTOPHAGY– cell cleaner, enhances fasting effects, weight loss
  • NIAGRA – viagra for women, menopause, painful periods, hot flashes
  • THUNDER– male enhancement, ED, premature ejaculation
  • JING FORCE – protects and restores kidney function
  • REWIRE– anti addiction, boss mode, executive level brain function, adhd
  • MATCHA– green tea, anti aging, energy, antioxidant, gout
  • PLUSH-beauty blend, perfect skin, anti wrinkle agent
  • THROM-prevent / eliminate blood clots, lowers blood pressure
  • GAINZ – muscle, strength, anti aging, prevents age related muscle atrophy
  • ASCENDANCE – pain, inflammation, non opioid, non addictive
  • SPACEBORN– medicinal mushroom masterpiece
  • FORCE FIELD – emf / radiation blocker, neutralize oxidative stress
  • LIVER REGENERATOR – protects liver, reverse alcohol damage
  • LUNG POWER– strengthen lung function, improve/reverse COPD, c o v i d damage, allergies, asthma
  • PANCREAS REGENERATOR– restore and maintain optimal pancreatic function; Type 1 Diabetes
  • GYNOSTEMMA – “herb of immortality”, heart, longevity, anti aging
  • HEAVY METAL DETOX – removes heavy metals from body combined with fasting
Interstellar blends, Gavin McGowen, fastin, diet, health, trinity, spaceborn, supernova
Gavin, interstellar blends, health, energy, mental clarity, and mood elevation, science based super herbs and fasting, plant based, healthy life

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