Historical revisionism and how “local politics and activism” can help mitigate Progressive influence while building what comes next

Peter Quinones is a dynamic figure within the world of political commentary, renowned for his thoughtful insights and enlightening discussions. Pete Quinones has hosted his show since July 2017 (formerly titled Free Man Beyond the Wall) and has concentrated on topics pertaining to liberation from tyrannical government. He is an executive producer and writer of the documentary, “The Monopoly On Violence”. His current focus is building strong local communities with the intention of mitigating state, and federal overreach.

In addition to his analysis, Quinones is a strong advocate for active civic participation. He firmly believes that everyone has a part to play in shaping the political narrative and that informed engagement can lead to significant societal change. His dedication to promoting civic responsibility and fostering an informed electorate is truly motivational. Through his work, Peter Quinones continues to inspire a wave of politically aware, engaged citizens, contributing to the strength and vibrancy of our democratic processes.

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