Interview-based podcast; exploring unconventional, suppressed, & esoteric topics with the brightest minds for our troubled time.

Greg Carlwood is an inspiring and dedicated individual who has devoted his life to illuminating minds and expanding consciousness. As the host of “The Higherside Chats” podcast, he fearlessly explores a wide range of alternative topics and brings forward thought-provoking ideas that challenge mainstream narratives. With his genuine curiosity and open-mindedness, Carlwood inspires listeners to question the status quo, embrace their inner truth, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Greg Carlwood had a pretty stereotypical mid-western middle class life growing up in Arnold, MO. After spending K-11th grade in the local Catholic School pipeline, causing a fair amount of trouble along the way, St. Pius X High School in Festus, MO kicked him out on the first day of senior year and he’s still bitter about it.  Eventually making it to the University of Missouri, Greg studied nothing, dropped out, and wandered into corporate retail management- captaining such notable ships as Great American Cookies, Sunglass Hut, & Gamestop. Knowing this was a low-paying road to nowhere, and not feeling right in Missouri; he moved to San Diego, CA in 2010 with a desperation plan to grow marijuana. After growing a few successful crops, but not knowing anyone who actually buys marijuana by the pound, he started another desperation venture: The Higherside Chats Podcast. It was a success..

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