Promoting traditional family values, limited government, and individual freedom, he encourages individuals to uphold these timeless ideals in their own lives.

Michael Knowles is an engaging and charismatic communicator whose vibrant personality and insightful commentary captivate audiences. With his ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and wit, Knowles inspires individuals to think deeply and challenge prevailing narratives. Through his engaging podcasts and thought-provoking books, he encourages others to embrace traditional values, intellectual diversity, and the pursuit of truth. As a passionate advocate for conservative principles, Michael Knowles embodies the spirit of resilience and champions the importance of preserving foundational values.

Michael Knowles is the celebrated host of “The Michael Knowles Show” at the Daily Wire, “The Book Club” at PragerU, and “Verdict with Ted Cruz.” In 2017, Michael published the #1 national bestselling BOOK: Reasons to Vote for Democrats, which President Donald Trump hailed as “a great book for your reading enjoyment.” In late 2020, after an appearance guest-hosting “The Rush Limbaugh Program,” it was announced that Michael’s daily podcast would be syndicated to terrestrial radio. Michael has appeared regularly on Fox News Channel and other major networks, and his writing has been featured on the Daily Wire, the American Mind, Fox News, and the Daily Caller. Michael is a graduate of Yale University and has lectured at colleges and universities around the country.

Michael Knowles bestselling BOOKS: Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, and Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds,

Bask in the simple joys of being right. “The Michael Knowles Show” cuts through the madness of our politics and culture, analyzing the top stories of the day. 

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