Christian, Mother, Wife, Pro-Life, Conservative, Freedom-Fighter

Kaitlin Bennett is a courageous activist figure who fearlessly speaks up in the middle of angry, programmed liberals, she speak out on behalf of individual liberties and constitutional rights. With her unwavering commitment to freedom of speech and self-defense, she inspires others to embrace their voice, challenge prevailing narratives, and fight for the preservation of essential freedoms. Bennett’s relentless pursuit of truth and her fearlessness in the face of violent statists makes her a role model for those seeking to make a positive impact in defending personal liberties.

Kaitlin Bennett is a graduate of Kent State University, where she studied biology and was the founder of her college’s Liberty Hangout chapter. An outspoken conservative activist, Kaitlin has become a viral sensation and face of the gun rights movement after her graduation photos with an AR-10 went viral. She has recently found faith in Jesus, and went from being an Atheist to being a Christian.

Kaitlin has been featured on Fox and Friends, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, BBC, and other outlets across the world to discuss her activism to legalize campus carry in the US. She has been contacted by state representatives and members of the US Congress to work on campus carry legislation, and has been asked to speak at gun rallies across the country. A fierce proponent of the 2nd amendment, Kaitlin has no apologies for her activism and is the Grassroots Director of Liberty Hangout, helping bring Liberty Hangout chapters to universities across the United States. Kaitlin has mastered the art of going viral, and seeks to empower libertarians and conservatives to have the same voice as her on campus, and on social media. You can follow Kaitlin on Twitter @KaitMarieox, or like her Facebook page Kait’s Unsafe Space.

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