Crunchy mom. libertarian. wannabe homesteader. politics, news, & 2A on YouTube. Free markets & free people. Good ideas don’t require force. Taxation is theft.

Liberty Doll is a remarkable activist for individual liberties and a passionate defender of constitutional rights. Through her online presence and thought-provoking content, she inspires individuals to become informed citizens, engage in respectful dialogue, and take a stand for their rights. Liberty Doll’s unwavering dedication to freedom, her ability to present complex topics in a relatable manner, and her call to action empower others to actively participate in the pursuit of a more just and equitable society.

“”I’m Liberty Doll, and I believe all human interactions should be free from the use of force and coercion. I believe in free speech, free markets, and free people. My childhood goal was to be a writer. My adult goal is to help educate people on the ideas and fundamental principles of liberty, while also calling attention to real-world issues that put those ideas at risk. “Liberty Doll” was first created as a Facebook page in 2013 as a means to bring both of those goals together (and because my friends and family were sick of seeing it in their newsfeeds). Eventually I started a WordPress website and blog and, after enough people requested videos, moved on to YouTube. At first, those videos were taken on my laptop’s webcam, with me scrunched under a table lamp in front of a blank wall. Later, I migrated to the living room floor, surrounded by construction lamps that gave off a burning smell and sometimes even let off a little smoke. A couple of stints as a guest on a weekly podcast and, later, a co-host spot with some folks from the Gary Johnson campaign, finally convinced me that I might just have enough to talk about to do my own weekly videos and, eventually, even a regular livestream (whoa!). I eventually even built up a Patreon, allowing me to upgrade my equipment and stop risking burning my house down. A real camera, mic, and studio lighting were a pleasant addition to the “Liberty Doll” brand and have allowed me to create the content you see today.””

Liberty Doll

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