A media entrepreneur, writer, and commentator, best recognized as the co-founder of Vice Media.

Gavin McInnes was born in England and raised in Canada, McInnes has always demonstrated an audacious spirit, pushing the boundaries of traditional media and carving out a unique niche in the industry. His disruptive approach and pioneering vision have been instrumental in shaping Vice into an influential global youth media brand, providing an alternate lens through which to understand culture and current affairs. Now Gavin’s built Censored.TV

Censored.TV is a subscription channel where you pay $10/month to see a ton of shows all hosted by talented people. There are live call-in shows, discussions filmed in front of a studio audience, and one-on-one sit-downs with various people of note. Though Gavin ostensibly leans right, there isn’t one political angle on this show. The goal is to bring both sides together in an open and honest discussion. This used to be commonplace back in the Buckley / Vidal days but we have become a polarized culture where each side thinks the other has lost its damned mind.

Ideological segregation is great for the ones trying to control the narrative. The more they can de-humanize the enemy, the easier he is to get rid of. Well, we’re not going anywhere. You can ban us all from social media and even take our bank accounts but we will keep fighting. We’ll even keep fighting for them. That’s right. Free speech includes your enemies. Just because you prefer one sports team doesn’t mean you want all the other teams to be eradicated. There’s no game without the other team and if there’s no game, there’s no fun. That’s ultimately what we’re going for, here. We want to bring fun back. We want to bring humor back. Part of that, is being uncomfortable. You need to exercise to play sports and sometimes that hurts. We are living in an era of mental obesity and it’s killing us. Let’s get into it again. Let’s get in trouble. Let’s get fired. Let’s get a black eye. As Orwell said, “Every joke is a tiny revolution.” Let’s fight the revolution together and have a laugh while we’re doing it.