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Morgan Zegers stands as a powerful advocate against socialism’s allure, using personal experience and deep conviction to enlighten young minds. As the founder and CEO of Young Americans Against Socialism, she’s dedicated to harnessing peer-to-peer communication and firsthand accounts to educate youth on socialism’s pitfalls. Beyond this pivotal role, Morgan showcases her entrepreneurial spirit as the proud owner of Zegers Freedom Flags, a unique venture that handcrafts and sells wooden American flags, epitomizing craftsmanship and national pride.

Morgan’s voice resonates far and wide, being featured on platforms such as Fox News, BBC World News, and CNN. Not just limited to television appearances, she’s also taken her message to academic avenues, speaking at revered institutions like Syracuse University and NYU, as well as national platforms like CPAC 2020. Through her endeavors, Morgan is changing the narrative, fostering awareness about socialism while encouraging political engagement among young women.

Morgan is a Christian, history nerd, and lover of the outdoors. Her passion is education and learning. When educating our youth and seeking solutions to today’s problems, it is crucial for us to connect the dots between history, current events, culture, and family.




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